Thanks to the professional and academic experience of its staff, CGT Spinoff S.r.l. utilizes the most innovative and tested methodologies in the fields of Applied and Environmental Geology, Geopedology, Hydrogeology and Geomatics, always with continuous updates given the close link to the world of scientific.
The technologies utilized are consequently the most modern available on the market and not, being able to experiment or contribute to the development of new tools and systems still in the prototype phase, as well as consolidating the use of the latest technological discoveries supplied by the major national and international producers.

CGT SpinOff S.r.l. offers services and consultances in Geomatics and Geology&Environment fields to achieve the goals of private companies and public bodies that have the following needs related to the territory

  • Geology for the environment and the territory
  • Hydrogeological and environmental studies for contaminated sites
  • Annual and multi-year aquifer monitoring plans
  • Environmental characterization plans, Risk analysis, Drafting of remediation projects
  • Creation of software for environmental data collecting and integrated managing
  • Numerical modeling of groundwater flow and transport of pollutants in groundwater
  • Spatial, temporal and geostatistical data analysis
  • Study of the soil and subsoil for agronomic and wine applications
  • Application of technologies for the study and monitoring of rock masses in natural contexts and extractive areas
  • Stability analysis using traditional equilibrium methods and advanced numerical modeling methods
  • GIS, databases and Topography at the service of public and private institutions
  • Digital photogrammetry and remote sensing for the environment and the territory
  • Surveys with remote piloted aircraft systems in natural or anthropic contexts