Environmental monitoring of the former ENI Ponte Galeria fuel depot, Rome2019-2020RomeItaly
Support for geostatistical analyzes for econometric study2019Siena (Siena)Italy
Environmental courses tutoring to ENI Corporate University at the Priolo plant (Syracuse, Italy)2019Priolo (Syracuse)Italy
Higher Technical Education and Training (IFTS) for technical analysis and monitoring of environmental management systems2019Firenze (Florence)Italy
Groundwater numerical model of flow and nitrate transport in the coastal plain of the Rosignano Marittimo municipality (Livorno province, Italy)2019Rosignano Marittimo (Livorno)Italy
Terrestrial laser scanner and rock volumetric analyzes in Tombaccio marble quarry (Stazzema, Lucca province, Italy)2018Stazzema (Lucca)Italy
Topographic and photogrammetric survey at archaeologic site of Uşaklı Höyük (Turkey)2018Uşaklı HöyükTurkey
Data base for Research groundwater project management2017Province of LivornoItaly
Engineering services in Geological and Hydrogeological survey, Risk Analysis and Field Assistance in contaminated sites of national interest for ENI Syndial2017-2019ItalyItaly
Geological, seismic and geotechnical support to the design for the reorganization of the mining area of Santa Barbara (Cavriglia Figline Valdarno, Italy)2017-2019Cavriglia (Arezzo) and Figline Valdarno (Florence)Italy
 Services and technical assessment on strategic third level buildings, at Lazzaretto primary school (Cerreto Guidi, Italy)2018Cerreto Guidi (Florence)Italy
Topographic surveys on the 1: 500 scale of the roads and ditches of the Santa Barbara Mine LOTTO A2017-2018Cavriglia (Arezzo) and Figline Valdarno (Florence)Italy
Support services to the ANAS design team for the preparation of the S.S. 652 "Fondovalle Sangro"2017Abruzzo and Molise RegionsItaly
Elaboration and homogenization of the geological database at 1: 10,000 scale in an area of ​​the provinces of Massa Carrara and Lucca for creating a geological continuum between the regions of Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Marche and Umbria2016Regions of Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Marche and UmbriaItaly
Geotechnical tests: Climatic cell cycles and resonance frequency measurements of 40 rock samples (ASTM 666)2016Carrara (Massa)Italy
Thermographic surveys with drone and GPS instrument rental for topographic support2016RomeItaly
Consultancy for surveys and planning in Sabkha areas2016SabkhaSaudi Arabia
Relief with drone and vector restitution of the area of ​​Villa Leopoldina Enel - Santa Barbara2017Cavriglia (Arezzo) and Figline Valdarno (Florence)Italy
Geomechanical survey of a trench under the Al Dabb iya Surface facilities project near Abu Dhabi2016Abu DhabiUnited Arab Emirates
Physical-mechanical geotechnical tests according to the UNI_EN and ASTM specifications on the "Lavinia Gray", "Calcatta di Sponda" and "Bianco LA Facciata" marbles2016CarraraItaly
Alternative US-GTL Project Study Louisiana2016LouisianaUSA
Execution of inclinometric measurements and preparation of the related reports2017Cerreto Guidi (Florence)Italy
Physical geotechnical tests on tuff samples2016Corchiano (Viterbo)Italy
Realization and customization of GeoNotepad software package, assistance and annual maintenance2015-2016Cavriglia (Arezzo) and Figline Valdarno (Florence)Italy
Supervision of drilling sites along the ITALFERR railway project in Saudi Arabia and assistance at the geotechnical laboratory for the study of samples in Jeddah2015-2016Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia
Courses in Digital Photogrammetry for images taken with drones2016Sansepolcro (Arezzo)Italy
Archaeological assistance to preliminary surveys for the assembly of a 50 m crane in Rome in via Ludovisi / via di Porta Pinciana, Rome2015RomeItaly
Executive design of the micropiles bulkhead anchored in the frieze of the Via Montalbano and of the tyranny network, on the back of the already built bulkhead, as part of the risk mitigation measures in the landslide district between Via Montalbano and Via Marconi2015La SpeziaItaly
Geophysical surveys, laboratory geotechnical tests, plano-altimetric surveys, geological-technical study, geomorphological survey and multitemporal geomorphological analysis, hydrological survey, historical weather-climate analysis, preliminary assessment and considerations on the static nature of buildings and works of art, geological relationship, report on seismic modeling, geotechnical report, preliminary design of reclamation and consolidation, as part of the study and monitoring of the landslide district in Loc. Vissegi of the Municipality of La Spezia2015-2016La SpeziaItaly
Support services to the ANAS design team for the preparation of the Definitive Project of the S.S. 212 "della Val Fortore" - Completion works from the junction of S. Marco dei Cavoti to S. Bartolomeo in Galdo (I Lotto) - Section "C-O" Variante S. Marco dei Cavoti (I Stralcio). Support services for geological planning2016Province of BeneventoItaly
Geological, seismic and geotechnical support for the design of the supply pipeline variant of the ENEL power plant in Santa Barbara2015Cavriglia (Arezzo) and Figline Valdarno (Florence)Italy
Integration of the cognitive framework and stability checks of some representative portions of the banks upstream of the dam2016Cavriglia (Arezzo) and Figline Valdarno (Florence)Italy
Geological / geomorphological hazard evaluation along TAP pipeline in Albania and Greece. Campaign work and preparation of reports.2015Albania e GreciaAlbania and Greece
Fab Lab promotional activity: organization of 4 events, including maintaining contacts of Schools, Companies, Chambers of Commerce and Artisans. Realization of Flyer system, creation of Facebook page, creation of advertising blog on free infrastructure.2015RomeItaly
Geoelectric surveys aimed at identifying an underground cellar within the ENEL mining area2015Cavriglia (Arezzo) and Figline Valdarno (Florence)Italy
Geoelectric resistivity suryes with OhmMapper (Geometrics Inc.) capacitive georesistimeter in Via Ferrari - Genoa2015GenoaItaly
Studies on bioremediation techniques for contaminated sites2015Entratico (Bergamo)Italy
Mechanical Geotechnical tests on lava samples (Lazio)2015Province of ViterboItaly
Geotechnical tests of sliding by means of pendulum tests in dry and wet conditions, varieties of marble called "Gray The facade" and "White La Marina" - Qatar2015CarraraItaly
Geoelectric surveys to search for conductive bodies (galena veins) in the Skoura area (Morocco)2015SkouraMorocco
Sampling and implementation of permeability tests of a bituminous conglomerate at the Thermoelectric Plant of Piombino2015Piombino (Livorno)Italy
Computer Service for Visually Impaired Project at the Mine Museum2015Cavriglia (Arezzo)Italy
Consolidation of public buildings2015Cerreto Guidi (Florence)Italy
Municipal Urban Plan Update (PUC) + integration for geological standards2015-2017La SpeziaItaly
Validation, updating and integration of the Geological DataBase in the areas of the Pistoia-Modena Apennines2016Emilia-Romagna and Toscana RegionsItaly
Description, Integration to the final project for the environmental recovery of the former Santa Barbara Mining Area Relatively to the San Donato - Vignale Sector2015Cavriglia (Arezzo) and Figline Valdarno (Florence)Italy
Interesting deformations of the Monumental Complex of Villa Franceschi in Scandicci - Geoelectric surveys aimed at verifying the presence of water (hypothetical springs) in the soils of the grounds2015Scandicci (Florence)Italy
Subsoil investigations through georadar survey to search for any lost wells (SWK Utensilerie Srl - Fano)2015Fano (Pesaro)Italy
GPS survey and photogrammetric shooting with drone of a stretch of the Esino river at the Municipality of Jesi (AN)2015Jesi (Ancona)Italy
Geological, naturalistic and land use analysis of territories in insular Italy for the National Deposit of radioactive waste2015ItalyItaly
Topographic and geomechanical survey of the slope located in Bretella Cantoniera - Bagno Il Gabbiano - Porto Santo Stefano (GR)2014Porto Santo Stefano (Grosseto)Italy
Analysis of the collapse processes (sinkholes) in the San Giuseppe area and the development of the area's water potential (Municipalities of Rio Marina and Rio Elba, Livorno)2014Rio Marina and Rio Elba (Livorno)Italy
Geological, seismic and geotechnical report on the intervention in sector 1 of the Poggilupi landslide2014-2015Terranuova Bracciolini (Arezzo)Italy
TEMPA ROSSA plant, PT1 well, geological and geomorphological studies2014Corleto Perticara (Potenza)Italy
Homogenization of Quaternary Deposits along the Tuscany / Umbria regional border and Geological Continuum Update of the Tuscany Region2015Tuscany and Umbria RegionsItaly
Topographic plano-altimetric survey of the landslide movement along the methane pipeline line in the Poggio alla Scarpa area and in the Casa Massi area at S. Barbara Mine2015Cavriglia (Arezzo) and Figline Valdarno (Florence)Italy
On-demand geotechnical course in the land mechanical laboratory2014Ponte Valentino (Benevento)Italy
Characterization of the natural radioactivity of the Basaltina quarries2014Bagnoregio (Viterbo)Italy
Preliminary archaeological surveys at Santa Barbara2015Cavriglia (Arezzo)Italy
CPTU Cone penetration test in Mozambique2013MozambicoMozambique
Geoelectric surveys in the design of a viaduct linking the city center of Brazzaville with the new football stadium2013BrazzavilleRepublic of the Congo
Geological, geomorphological and geophysical surveys in the areas of Rio Rojo, Rio Verde and Rio Lejos (Colombia)2013Rio Rojo, Rio Verde, and Rio LejosColombia
Real time control drilling project - Geotec Campobasso2013-2015CampobassoItaly
Maintenance of the digital mapping service of the Civic Museum of Rovereto2013Rovereto (Trento)Italy
Improvement of access and management of the water resources of the rural population of the Region of Iringa, Tanzania (proposing NGO: "Movimento per la Lotta contro la Fame nel Mondo", Lodi)2012Iringa RegionTanzania
Geological, geomorphological, geomechanical and hydrogeological survey in Colombia (Quindio department)2013Quindio DepartmentColombia
Execution of inclinometric measurements in Maremma (Semproniano and Porto Santo Stefano municipalities)2015-2016Semproniano (Grosseto)Italy
Geological and geotechnical technical checks on the deformations of the PERNINA Shopping Center (Terranuova Bracciolini)2014Terranuova Bracciolini (Arezzo)Italy
Ghigliazza / Autostrade - Part Technical Consultancy2013Finale Ligure (Savona)Italy
Geological and Geotechnical Survey for checking current state of anthropic slopes for the construction of a petrochemical plant at the Ethylen XXI project site (Coatzacoalcos - Mexico)2013CoatzacoalcosMexico
Hydrological and environmental monitoring of surface and underground water and of leachate and inclinometric control of the Molinaccio side slope (landfill for non-hazardous waste in Tafone, Manciano)2012-2013Manciano (Grosseto)Italy
Technical checks on strategic and relevant buildings and infrastructural works (O.P.C.M. 3274/2003)2013Cerreto Guidi (Florence)Italy
Geophysical surveys to support the definition of the extension of the landfill mixed with waste and possible identification of drums, pipes and the possible source of contamination c / o Stabilimento LOWARA S.r.l. - Malè, Trento2013Malè (Trento)Italy
Technical checks on buildings and on the strategic and relevant infrastructures of the Municipality of Gambassi Terme2013Gambassi Terme (Florence)Italy
Archaeological site and archaeological excavation control in Poggio di Monteleoni, Bucine (Arezzo) for Telecom Italia S.p.A. construction site2012Bucine (Arezzo)Italy
Definition of an interregional geological legend and its application to the geological data of the Conca-Marecchia Basin2012-2014Emilia-Romagna RegionItaly
Geological and geotechnical supervision in the construction site, log execution, gamma-ray, spontaneous potential, resistivity, visual inspection and editing for the realization of wells within the project: "Development, strengthening and use of the water resources of the Island of Elba"2012-2013Elba IslandItaly
Geological study for the update of the structural plan and the town planning regulation of the Municipality of Terranuova Bracciolini.2014Terranuova Bracciolini (Arezzo)Italy
Geodatabase for the Geological Map of the Marche Region at a scale of 1: 250,0002014Marche RegionItaly
Geomorphological survey of the Aplecchio landslide (San Pellegrino Terme)2012San Pellegrino Terme (Bergamo)Italy
Executive project for the remediation of the contaminated site in the industrial area of ​​Pianvallico (Scarperia)2013-2015Scarperia and San Piero (Florence)Italy
Preventive archeology and archaeological site control in the framework of the project called "Scandicci: integrated pole for higher education in the fashion field"2012Scandicci (Florence)Italy
Sampling and granulometric analysis for stagnation problems in the sports field area M. Calvani - San Giovanni Valdarno2013San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo)Italy
Technical support to the pedestrian and cycle path in the lower town of Gavena-Pieve a Ripoli2017Cerreto Guidi (Florence)Italy
Validation of the executive project related to the restoration of the slope on which the municipal road system Via di Vittorio in Montaione is located2012Montaione (Florence)Italy
Geophysical resistivity investigations with capacitive coupling georesistivity in the coastal deposit of Petrolifera Italo Rumena Spa in Porto Corsini (RA)2012Porto Corsini (Ravenna)Italy
Hydrogeological analysis and groundwater numerical model of the Scala Erre area (Sassari)2011-2012SassariItaly
Geological, geomorphological and hydrogeological surveys for the construction of railway tunnels in the Fortezza - Ponte Gardena - Verona section2012Province of BolzanoItaly
Archaeological surveys for the preliminary project for the construction of a road diversion in the Porcellino area (Figline Valdarno)2012Figline e Incisa Valdarno (Florence)Italy
Updating and publication of the database and dissemination of data relating to geothermal heat pump systems in the Emilia Romagna Region2012Emilia-Romagna RegionItaly
Topographic map of the area south of Melka Kunture (Ethiopia) at a scale of 1: 10,0002012Melka KuntureEthiopia
Integration of geoelectric and microgravimetric surveys for stratigraphic reconstruction, fracturing zones and underground water circulation in Villalba (Guidonia Montecelio Municipality)2012Guidonia Montecelio (Rome)Italy
Hydrogeological study for the exploitation of water wells in the coastal aquifer of the Mola plain (Elba Island)2011Porto Azzurro and Capoliveri (Livorno)Italy
Geophysical surveys using an electric tomographic system in the "I Forni" area (Suvereto)2011Suvereto (Livorno)Italy
Seismic surveys aimed at calculating the Vs30 parameter at Montespertoli, as part of the consolidation works of the municipal purification plant.2013Montespertoli (Florence)Italy
Seismic surveys aimed at calculating the Vs30 parameter in the Fiesole area2012Fiesole (Florence)Italy
Hydrogeological and environmental study of the area of Badia al Pino surrounding the Chimet S.p.A. industrial plant2011-2016Badia al Pino, Civitella in Val di Chiana (Arezzo)Italy
Geological and geomorphological mapping for the preliminary design variant of the railway tunnel of Chambave (Aosta)2013Chambave (Aosta)Italy
Bibliographic research in the Fiumicino area and realization of thematic maps to support radar interferometric investigations2013Fiumicino (Rome)Italy
Geotechnical characterization of the S. Barbara mine2012Cavriglia (Arezzo) and Figline Valdarno (Florence)Italy
Hydrogeological and general geochemistry analizes relating to the Extractive Zone Control Project during 2010-2011, Quarata, Arezzo2010Quarata (Arezzo)Italy
Cartografia geomorfologica di un'area dell'Irpinia centro-oriental, confined to the Regione Puglia2013Lacedonia (Avellino)Italy
Thematic scale map of an area between Cefalù and Catenanuova (Sicily), to support the design of a railway line in the aforementioned section2013Sicily RegionItaly
Laser scanner survey of the landfill site in Bossarino (Vado Ligure)2010Vado Ligure (Savona)Italy
Environmental impact assessment related to Moto-Trial events2010Bormio (Sondrio)Italy
Seismic survey for the Jewish Community of Siena2010SienaItaly
Restructuring and functional reorganization of the theater and construction of the new Bucci cinema and theater hall (San Giovanni Valdarno)2010San Giovanni Valdarno (Arezzo)Italy
Preliminary integrations to the project of numerical modeling of the groundwater flow and transport of contaminants for the assessment of the danger of pollution of the carbonate aquifer of the coastal plain of Augusta (Syracuse)2010Augusta (Syracuse)Italy
Geological and hydrogeological study of the Saturnia area: data base, seismic and geoelectric profiles, three-dimensional geological model, definition of safeguard areas, numerical hydrogeological model, map of intrinsic vulnerability using parametric methods.2010-2011Saturnia, Manciano (Grosseto)Italy
Geoelectric survey at the church of S. Ignazio in Ponte in Valtellina.2010Ponte in Valtellina (Sondrio)Italy
Seismic survey aimed at calculating the Vs30 and the relative seismic classification of the subsoil for Fratelli Tavoli2010Pelago (Florence)Italy
Seismic survey for calculating the Vs30 and the relative seismic classification of the subsoil for Molino Abate2010Barberino Tavarnelle (Florence)Italy
Seismic survey aimed at calculating the Vs30 and the related seismic subsoil classification as part of the building works (Casa del Guardiano and Kindergarten) at the Congregation of the Apostles Sisters of the Consolata, Via delle Bagnese 20, Florence2010Firenze (Florence)Italy
Seismic survey for calculating the Vs30 and the relative seismic classification of the subsoil in the Buonconvento area.2010Buonconvento (Siena)Italy
Geophysical surveys on the Marina Torrent (municipalities of Calenzano and Campi Bisenzio)2010Calenzano and Campi Bisenzio (Florence)Italy